Package: equatiomatic 0.3.3

Philippe Grosjean

equatiomatic: Transform Models into 'LaTeX' Equations

The goal of 'equatiomatic' is to reduce the pain associated with writing 'LaTeX' formulas from fitted models. The primary function of the package, extract_eq(), takes a fitted model object as its input and returns the corresponding 'LaTeX' code for the model.

Authors:Daniel Anderson [aut], Andrew Heiss [aut], Jay Sumners [aut], Joshua Rosenberg [ctb], Jonathan Sidi [ctb], Ellis Hughes [ctb], Thomas Fung [ctb], Reza Norouzian [ctb], Indrajeet Patil [ctb], Quinn White [ctb], Philippe Grosjean [cre]

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equatiomatic/json (API)

# Install equatiomatic in R:
install.packages('equatiomatic', repos = c('', ''))

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  • arrests - Arrest data from Gelman & Hill
  • hsb - A subset of the full 1982 High School and Beyond Survey
  • penguins - Size measurements for adult foraging penguins near Palmer Station, Antarctica
  • polls - The polls data from Gelman and Hill
  • sim_longitudinal - Simulated longitudinal data
  • simple_ts - Simple simulated time series data
  • ts_reg_list - Simulated data for time-series regression

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