Package 'blsBandit'

Title: Data Viewer for Bureau of Labor Statistics Data
Description: Allows users to easily visualize data from the BLS (United States of America Bureau of Labor Statistics) <>. Currently unemployment data series U1-U6 are available. Not affiliated with the Bureau of Labor Statistics or United States Government.
Authors: Jeremy Fitzpatrick [aut, cre]
Maintainer: Jeremy Fitzpatrick <>
License: MIT + file LICENSE
Version: 0.1
Built: 2024-02-19 08:20:11 UTC
Source: CRAN

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Run the BLS Viewer


This function runs the BLS (US Bureau of Labor Statistics) data viewer. Currently this viewer allows the user to select and view unemployment data. The data is static as the package blsAPI is no longer available on CRAN. To install the latest version of blsBandit and the blsAPI with update data functionality install them from github. blsAPI<> blsBandit<> The blsBandit package is not affiliated with the Bureau of Labor Statistics or US Government.




No return value. The user can save charts from within the interface.


# Run the BLS data viewer.